The Paris 2024 Olympic logo … well… Its kind of a disaster.

With the world focused on the 2021 Olympic games its funny to keep talking about how bad the next Olympic Games Logo is for Pari in 2024. It was first show in 2019 pre pandemic and shows the Olympic rings, The Olympic flame but then added something or someone called Marianne best known or not known as the symbol of republican France. (I had to look this up)

Some have called it a nice hairdressers Logo, or cool dating site app (Some resemblance to Tinder’s app). Or a speed networking event Logo on Meetups. But the bad part is the country is sticking with it no matter what and now some 20 months later it’s still being made fun of. Not sure who green lighted the design. Probable the cousin of the President of Olympic Committee that knows some photoshop.

If you look this up on Twitter it is a laugh fest and some comparisons to Victoria Beckham and sims characters. Or some bad bang haircuts lol. Paris should have stuck with its original design that did a great job of showing the number 24 and having it look like modern design of Eiffel Tower. Again, I think a kid knows an owner somewhere.

And now onto the tragic Paris look and the first design was 100 times better. And for the 2028 games in LA, I do like the angel look for the city of Angels but it’s almost a safe design. But then some new ones are popping up that look like Graffiti of streets of LA and not really a look for international peace and Olympics and mankind and sports so hopefully they won’t change the logo.

Let’s face it, Tokyo 2024 logo was not great, Paris was good and now it’s tragic so let’s hope the Los Angels 2028 one stays the same.

Again my personal opinion on the subject but let me know your thoughts.