How much would your quality-of-life change?

  1. 4 Day work weeks
  2. 40-50+ hours
  3. 3 Days off
  4. Company benefits
  5. The luxury of working remotely

A lot of us are talking about getting back to normal. But no one ask the question of, should we? We can all agree that the world has and is changing right now. Mental health is a focus in our world along with health and wellness in the workplace.

This all came center focus for me as I was reading an article in Fast Company entitled “Need another reason to switch to a 4-day workweek? IT helps fight Climate change.”

This really is the interesting argument. If companies, go to a 4-day work week with a preference for workers working from home there are several arguments for why this could be productive. And it also lends to a happier lifestyle for your employees. One thing we don’t value enough in capital markets is the health and well-being being of people who work for these companies. Mental and physical health leads to happier and more productive work force. If you have a three days’ time off for yourself it allows you deal with many more things in any given week.

And as most of the studies are showing when you work from home you tend to put in a lot more hours than your 40-hour work week. For instance, if I suddenly have an idea for a project and its 10 pm at night I am not waiting till 6:00 am to get up and start thinking about it. I go into my home office and start hammering that idea out.

Now the new look on this 4-day work week is that it may help the environment by not driving our 3 billion cars in our country for 1 extra day a week? If not convinced, look at what happened to the air throughout the US when the country was shut down for almost three months in 2020. The air quality was better in a few short months than it had been in decades. Not a myth a fact. So, the real question is??? What is the harm in trying this out? Honestly and this is not political at all when I say whether you’re for or against climate change what does it hurt? Some argue you’re going to kill jobs in fossil fuels, oil, and gas and so on. But the other end of the spectrum is newer jobs in new tech industries. Renewable energy, solar, wind, de-salting of ocean water to stay off severe droughts and on and on. So, the real question is are we too afraid to make the changes necessary for the future only keep the present status quo?

Quality of life? Changing the way, we think about production? Changing environments? Changes will happen with us or without us. Maybe it’s time we all started asking the right questions…

Food for thought!