5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Marketing Writer

1) You are not a writer – Writing the text for your own brochures, website or marketing materials can take days (if not months!). Most do-it-yourselfers either do rewrite after rewrite as they seek the perfect words and phrases, or they procrastinate for weeks before getting started altogether. Either way you eventually get to the point where your project is way behind, you’ve missed out on potential clients and the eventual outcome screams of “DIY.” Meanwhile, a professional could have done the job in a matter of hours and completed the project.

2) Designers are not writers, either – Writing is an art form and yet companies will go to war to have their inhouse designers try to write content. Designers are artists in a very different way than professional writers. When you have a professional designer and a professional writer working together, your marketing results will skyrocket. Like anything in the world, success only comes from hours and hours and hours of learning your craft. This is how great writing is done.

3) Better is better – Let’s face it, do you really need statistics and multiple sources to tell you that professional writing generates better results? Good solid writing is the cornerstone to closing more sales.

4) Words matter – Words and images are ultimately what convinces clients to work with you. It’s not just the images that are important to a brand, the words are vitally important, too. Words convey how your company is represented in marketing, social media and sales…and the wrong words can do more harm than good. Why risk your business’ brand by not hiring a pro?

5) You want your site to be found – A skilled writer can produce well-written content that will help build your website’s SEO. If the words on your site are random, your likelihood of success at being found by potential clients online will be random, too. Plus, once your site is found, professionally-written text can entice visitors to stay longer and become more interested in your business.

To learn more about how hiring a professional writer can improve your business, contact us today. We have a seasoned professional writer on staff to handle all of your company’s marketing writing needs.