Biggest Design Upgrade In Years.

Mac just announced its newest operating system Big Sur. It has some of the most impressive design updates they have had in a long time.

MacOS Big Sur new design makes navigation easier. Everything from the curvature of window corners to the palette of colors and materials has been refined. Icons in the Dock have been thoughtfully designed to be more consistent with icons across the Apple ecosystem while retaining their Mac personality. Buttons and controls appear when needed, and recede when they’re not. The entire experience feels more cohesive than ever before and make the overall experience batter.

The customizable menu bar features an all-new Control Center, delivering quick access to controls from the desktop. An updated Notification Center includes more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets that come in different sizes, providing users with more relevant information at a glance. And a new design for core apps brings more organization to multiple open windows and makes interacting with apps even easier.

As a designer and a long time mac user the upgrades in design are important to me and the use of the entire system flowing as one is also important. If you’re a mac person like me check out the new system due out soon.

These are some of the features form the announcement and you can read more at: