We all are worried about what the future holds for our businesses, families and yes our very lives. Some of us worry if we will have a business or a home at the end of this.

Yes things may be bad but what keeps me going is the thought of where my company and life can go in the future.

I started out 2020 with more hope and dreams of getting my business where I wanted it. I had plans and was starting to implement them for doing partnerships with a few other businesses to make my company stronger and offer more services to my clients, I had in the works to hire 1 to 2 permeate pt designers and 1 fun time sales person. I finally had reached a spot where this was the year it was all going to happen.

Then Covid hit us all. Kind of the Zombie Apocalypse we all seen in movies where it started slow then wound up taking over the world. We came to a grinding halt when the state of California went to a business lockdown. As a good citizen I stayed homeland kept working as much as possible. One day I literally had no business and not even a single design job on my plate. I literally broke down inters of anxiety that had been building up. Feeling like what happened? This was going to be my year. As I awoke the next morning as so many other mornings after falling apart I hear the ever present voice in my head, “What are you going to do?”. for years I never knew what drove me or why I would even get up some days… “What are you going to do?” One day it hits me that its actually my fathers voice in may head as he had said to me so many times growing up. “What are you going to do?”. I got up and started to think ok what am I going to do to get work today. I started looking at old client list and vendors list and then I decided to start sending emails to Small Independent film companies as I have worked in this industry for years doing movie posters and dvd wraps. No so much as of late but it was what I was dong years ago. So knowing where to get this list I emailed out individual emails to everyone I could find an email for. I finally started to get a few inquires and low and behold I managed to pull 4 new jobs in form my efforts. Then slowly buy surely more work started to come back as the lockdown loosened and businesses started reopening.

I could have given up on it all. But the voice in my head gives me hope. The hope of maybe I can try something new or something old. Hope that I can get what I need to get by one day at a time. Hope that if I can get through this maybe I can turn it around next year. The games not over.

So what I guess I am saying for you is this… Have hope! Hope will keep you going, Hope will keep your dreams alive. As long as we have hope we can get our family and our business through this, Start thinking of the things you have not had time to think about. Use this time to plan your comeback and write it all down. This could take days to accomplish so start thinking of the comeback and how you plan to do that.

If you need marketing help or have questions please reach out to us as all consultations are free and if we can help you devise a strategy so that when this is over you hit the ground running then let’s talk.

Have Hope! Where there’s life, there’s hope.   Thanks Dad!