As human beings, we all want to be noticed and recognized in some small way – whether it’s by family and friends, colleagues at work or, if we are celebrities, by the public in general.  It’s no different when it comes to our businesses.  Yet many small businesses don’t put time and effort into making sure that we stand out from the crowd.

Sure, many small businesses try to stand out by touting the features and benefits of their products or services.  But in the sea of sameness that we see these days, is that really enough?  One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is through the graphic designs you employ for your logo, brochures, and other marketing pieces.  These are excellent ways to remind your customers – both online and offline – who you are.

Think about it.  There are hundreds of companies that we recognize simply by looking at their logo.  You don’t even need to see their company name to recognize them:  the Nike swoosh, Quaker Oats’ Quaker, McDonald’s Golden Arches.  I’m not suggesting that you’ll be able to reach their status by simply creating a logo that is different and unique.  But a creatively-designed logo is one step toward recognition by your audience that you don’t want to take lightly.

Graphic Design Impacts Your Business

Let’s take a look at graphic design and how it can have an impact on your business.  Simply put, graphic design is a visual representation of a concept – in this case your business.  It could be as simple as a logo, or as complex as a brochure, product packaging, or even how you show up on social media.  The idea is that you should have consistency across all mediums, and that your designs convey the message you want people to remember about your company.  Here are some ways that good graphic design can help you stand out and, ultimately, improve your business:

  1. Improve Sales. People are naturally drawn to visuals.  Just think about all the pictures and images shared on social media.  We are also drawn to what is unique and stands out.  If you are able to draw people’s attention through your logo, your business card, your packaging or some other visual detail of your marketing efforts, the chances of them remembering you and your company go up significantly.  When crafting all your marketing materials, think about the message that you want to convey to your audience, and try to capture that through the design – whether it’s high quality, custom service, trust, or some other quality important to your customers.
  2. Establish Connection With Your Audience. A well-designed brochure goes a long way to establishing a personal connection with your audience.  Think about the brochures and advertisements that have evoked an emotional response from you.  Those are the ones that really stand out in people’s minds, they show that the company understand them and cares about their needs.  And, when it comes to making a decision to buy, those are the companies they’ll remember first.
  3. Provides Consistency. For the most part, we’ve been talking about logos and visual design.  But graphic design goes much further.  It encompasses the colors you use for your brand, the fonts you use, how your logo is displayed and more.  With well-designed graphics, it’s easy to remain consistent across all your marketing materials.  It also improves the ability of your audience to remember you.  In the long run, it will prove to be cost-efficient because you aren’t reinventing the wheel every time you create a new piece of marketing collateral for your business.

Do Something Different

So does that mean that you have to stay with a design that’s “tried and true”?  Not at all!  Another great way to stand out through graphic design is to take some chances.  Do something different with your packaging or with your brochures.  Instead of a simple trifold brochure, why not a pop-up brochure that conveys your company’s message in a fun and attractive manner.  Instead of a regular box for your best-selling product, why not incorporate the packaging into the product itself?  There are so many unique ways that you can use graphic design to make your company stand out…the sky’s (and your graphic designer’s skills) are the limit!

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