Where there's hope

Where there’s life, there’s hope.


Hello everyone, while our world has turned upside down and we all hunker down in our homes, we all are worried about what the future holds for our businesses. Some of us worry if we will have a business at the end of this. I have a thought that is keeping me going during this time.

I want to think that I will get through this time period and I will succeed and I will move forward. Yes things may be bad but what keeps me going is the thought if where my company can go at the end of this.

So I site down with a blank book and I traded writing down what I like about my business. What my clients have said about my business, what my friends and family have said over the years about me and my business. i am drawing strength form that. Next, I think about where I want my company to be how I would really like to see my business run and I could sit back and be happy with how it all looks and runs and functions. Then I started looking at where I’m at. I noticed some things could be better in my marketing and my messaging of my business. I like the look fo my Logo and I am my own worse critic so not thinking of a wholeness look but I am missing some things that will get me to where I am happy. So I started writing what I need to change, what I need to make things better. Some of it is in design and marketing of my companies images and marketing but some of it is more than I may know like SEO and social media, so as I look to study how to improve I also am reaching out to experts. I have even hired a social media platform company to help me get to where I need.

So what I guess I am saying for you is this… Have hope! Hope will keep you going, Hope will keep your dreams alive. As long as we have hope we can get our family and our business through this, Start thinking of the things you have not had time to think about. Use this time to plan your comeback and writ it al down. This could take days to accomplish so start thinking of the comeback and how you plan to do that. If you need marketing help or have questions please reach out to us as all consultations are free and if we can help you devise a strategy so that when this is over you hit the ground running then let’s talk.

Have Hope! Where there’s life, there’s hope.