Designing A Brochure That Works?

In today’s world, the audience has a limited attention span, and it is important to grab attention to build a bran. As a reader judges a book by the book cover design, your customer can make a decision about the brand based on your brochure design.

It’s important to include critical information to leave a lasting impression. Here are a few tips to make the brochure design more effective.


The basics often get over looked. Keep in mind to stick to the marketing goals and branding when designing a brochure. Another point not to be missed is the company information, right from the logo and tagline to contact details. Create a strong “about the company” so that the users unaware of your brand can also be familiarized and converted to customers down the line.

A Strong Headline

An attractive headline is what will result in the customer opening your brochure and spending time on it. The headline must generate curiosity in the minds of the customers so that they move beyond the front page of the brochure. Your headline could be a promotion, new launch product or even a call to action.

Short and Simple

You may be tempted to add as much information as possible. This is not only confusing to the reader but also results in them losing interest in the brochure too soon. Therefore, it is considered to be a good practice to keep the content short and use bullet points to present the information.

Avoid Using Technical Language

Unless the brochure has been specially designed for a particular set of people, the use of idioms should be minimal. Easy and straightforward language can be understood by an audience helping you get the desired message across.

Confident Design

The design should be minimalist with the use of white space. This helps to bring to focus certain elements of the design for the customer while presenting an elegant and confident image for the business.

Add Interesting Graphics

Graphics are essential to add a visual element in a brochure as they add an aesthetic appeal to the overall design. These graphics could be lines, designs, and backgrounds.

Incorporate A Call to Action

Your marketing materials can be your sales pitch in your absence and just like any good sales pitch it requires a strong and impactful call to action. As a result, coupons or promotional offers are used as a call to action to result in immediate business.

What Should Be Included In The Design?

The competition is increasing each day. Although the goals and purposes may differ , certain elements are needed in making the brochure more powerful.