Why Your Company Needs a New Hire Welcome Kit

What’s the purpose of a New Hire Welcome Kit? To make your new hire feel welcome, of course. Why is this important? According to SHRM, new employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program were 69 % more likely to remain at a company up to three years. New Hire Welcome Kits play a big role in this.

when a new hire comes on board and feel like a team member right off the bat it speaks volumes for their productivity. When they receive a welcome kit it can expand their look at the company as well as helping the company branding. When T-shirts or Key Chains or hats and mugs and other items that are all branded by the company are given to new hires. They become a huge fan of the company. Not only do they talk about it but they show it with the Merchandise you gave them. It is a valuable resource for any company.

Make a Great First Impression – Express Your Company Culture – Inspire Creativity and Productivity

Your new hire welcome kit should be unique to your company. Not only will you provide a new employee with the materials needed to be successful at your company, you will also show them how important they are to you.

This is a great article from https://gorillamarketing.net/category/gorilla-blog and they have some really great blogs to read as well on promotional products and branding.