Packaging is a key part of the marketing plan for any business that makes or sells products. A product’s package can be the selling point for many consumers by delivering a sense of quality while also reflecting the product’s brand image. It is critical in retail sales, where the right packaging design can attract the consumer’s eye and make the product stand out next to a rack of the competitor’s product.

Consumer Behavior

Color and design in packaging can have a noticeable effect on shopping behaviors, writes Consumer Color is often used in packaging to attract attention, but colors also must be taken in the context of the product’s marketing goals. For example, children’s cereal packaging has many bright colors that attract their eyes; health-focused cereals will have more whites and pastels to project a softer, more adult image. Brands with strong color patterns should incorporate them into the packaging design.

Branded Packaging

Customers will associate a brand’s image with how its product is packaged. Technology products often come in sleek and unique packaging to reinforce the image of innovation that the company’s brand aims to project. Beverages may have unique bottle designs and the packaging for a food product could feature a design that makes it easier to eat. The brand image that the product’s packaging promotes should differentiate it from competitors, which can be difficult when the products are similar.

Color Patterns

Similar types of products will often adopt similar packaging color and design. Black, silver and gold are often used for luxury products. White is a popular color for packaging cleaning products, and lavender can create the feeling of spiritualism to attract buyers of new-age products. Brands that aim to present an edgy look will often pair bright colors with black, which also implies an appearance of energy and sophistication, according to the Design Force website.

Secure Packaging

Packaging can affect the consumer’s experience by keeping the product secure. Sturdy, secure packaging can prevent the product from breaking during shipping, which not only will help prevent costly returns, but also boost perceptions of quality in your customers’ eyes. Companies with products that target environmentally conscious markets will want to consider sustainability in packaging. Using creative design along with recycled and biodegradable materials in product packaging will reinforce consumers’ good feelings about the product. However, it should be an authentic effort, as poor product packaging could create feelings of distrust in consumers over being “green-washed.”

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by Terry Lane