Davey Award winner 21-13 Impact Graphics

Where we are… Where were going … and Awards


Where we are… Where were going … and Awards

Awards have been coming in. Over the last 6 months we have done an online podcast ( ) talking about branding and what I think everyone should know in order for them to market there companies well. We did an online Magazine Interview for Voyage LA Magazine ( ). We won the GDUSA Health and Wellness Design Award for a set of chiropractic brochures for Straight Chiropratic (|1602402&iy=2017&im=10 ). We won a design award from GDUSA American Graphic Design Award for a Brochure we did for Harris Family Law Firm ( ). And recently we won another Design Award from The Davey Awards for a Large Brochure/Presentation Folder that we did for Acclivity West (A Life Settlement Company ).

So why mention all of this? It is to show that we are growing and looking to show our clients that we know what we are doing when it comes to working with us. But it mostly shows that they can trust our opinions on how they can improve and make their companies stronger in their markets.

Why do we do this?

It’s not about bragging or carrying around a trophy in my bag to whip out and show people when I’m networking or speaking. It’s to show our clients that even our peers have recognized us as a top design company and we want to bring that level of expertise to our clients. And when you dream big and start going into competitions and start really putting your work out there to be judge and you come away with a win for one of your clients, it’s so incredible to be able to call them and say, “Wow the project we did just won an award”. That is just icing on the cake for that client to know that the work they did is good and not just falling in the cracks with the rest of the crowd.

So Dream Big.

Work with the guys who are going to get you there. If you’re not there then ask yourself if you have the right stuff in place to get you there. Take a look at what you have and is it answering the right questions for and about your company. If not you need to start a new conversation.