Top 5 Marketing Challenges


Top 5 Marketing Challenges for Businesses

1)   Lack of Resources – Such as Budget, People and Time

Solution –

  1. Create a marketing plan, most companies have Business Plans and Financial Plans but very few have a Marketing Plan.
  2. Determine your marketing goals.
  3. Define your strategy.
  4. Outline what activities you will use.

2)   Lack of Marketing Knowledge

Solution –

  1. Outsource task as necessary.
  2. Delegate and automate.

3)   Increasing Visibility or Generating Leads

Solution –

  1. Identity your target audience and marketing messages to them.
  2. Understand your audience.
  3. What makes you different.
  4. Compelling message.
  5. Develop strategies.
  6. Are you aware of new ways to reach out to new clients?
  7. What appeals to your target audience?

4)   Choose the Right Marketing Platform

Solution –

  1. Go where the fans are.
  2. Where is your competition marketing? Facebook? Instagram?

5)   Keeping Up with Trends

Solution –

  1. Find time to keep up or hire someone to do it.
  2. Marketing automation.
  3. Set yourself up as an expert in your field.