Product Packaging Designed for Sales


Have you really thought about how the design of your product’s package could be affecting your sales numbers?  Sure, you know that your packaging needs to keep your product safe and secure so that it arrives to your customer undamaged.  But in today’s competitive world, product packaging is more about catching your customers’ eye to get them to buy your product over your competitors’.

Here are some things to consider as you contemplate designing (or redesigning) your product packaging:

  1. Your packaging is a reflection of your brand. Not only should your package be designed to protect it from damage, there are also other key components that will give your customers a little more insight into your company and your brand.  Normally packaging includes directions, information on customer service, your warranties/guarantees, and even additional marketing information (possible upsells and related items).  The packaging design itself is also part of your brand.  No longer are you limited to a simple square or rectangular box/
  2. Design to stand out. There are not many one-of-a kind products out there, so how are you making your product stand out from the rest?  It can be as easy as using a unique color or design on your packaging – one that allows your customers to quickly and easily identify your product among the sea of similar products on a shelf.
  3. What you see is what you get. Build trust with your packaging.  Make sure whatever is advertised on the package is exactly the quantity and quality they get inside the package.  Don’t just settle for some ordinary run-of-the-mill packaging.  Make sure your package design is part of your branding strategy.

So, what are you doing to ensure that your product packaging stands out and boosts your sales?  Do you need some help designing the right package for your brand?  Give 21-13 Impact Graphics a call at 855.438.2113 to discuss your packaging design needs.

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