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These companies changed their logos this year?


Did you notice that these companies changed their Logos?

When executed well, new logos can inject life into a company and drive a new wave of sales and brand loyalty.

When executed poorly, new logos can be the cringe-worthy mark of a brand’s decline.

There have been some significant brand overhauls this year, from Google to IHOP. Flat, sans-serif logos have been in vogue for the past few years and this year’s no different, though for the most part there’s simultaneously a recognizable trend of being respectful of a brand’s heritage.

We took a look through some of the most recognizable brands worked with design agencies to change their logos this year.

Companies who brands may not be here much longer

Each year, 24/7 Wall St. identifies 10 American brands that we predict will disappear in the coming year — either due to bankruptcies, mergers, discontinuation, or rebranding. The majority of these cases represent some failure, either in company or brand, and often in both. Some of the brands on this list are already certain to disappear, with just the last remnants left to dissolve next year. Others are on a trajectory to vanish, but their final fates will depend on what happens next year.

The best brands have staying power and can weather major changes in the company that owns it. People will continue to follow a sports team through generations, even if the players, management, and even home city change. When companies merge, the new parent company will often opt to keep the strongest and most successful brands intact.

When a company opts to abandon a major, long-standing brand, it is usually a sign of long-term decline or failure bad enough to necessitate starting over or pulling the plug. That was certainly the case for Time Warner Cable, which, after the completion of a merger with Charter Communications, joined Charter in rebranding as Spectrum. Although Time Warner Cable was one of the biggest brand names in America, the company was notorious for its poor customer service. The new corporation was likely trying to distance itself as much as possible from that reputation.

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