Check Out The Logo Design Trends For This Year 2019


Check Out The Logo Design Trends For This Year 2019. Logo Design Trends 2019 are following the 2019 Graphic Design Trends. But while some trends come and go from a year to another, businesses don’t really change their logos quite as often. The graphic design trends that stay for a few years are the ones that influence the logo design trends.

Logo design trends 2019 are:

  1. Bright Colors
  2. Gradients
  3. Metallic
  4. Geometric
  5. Minimalist
  6. Minimalist Typography
  7. Creative
  8. Illustration as Letter Substitutes in Logotypes
  9. Artistic

Some brands won’t change their logo for a decade or even more. We believe that updating your logo once every few years is essential in order to stay trendy. And we are not talking about big rebrand-like drastic changes but small alterations that will make your logo (and your brand) feel modern.

Now, logos fall into two categories: logomarks and logotypes. No matter if your brand has both or just the one, your logo must still be meaningful and trendy in terms of colors and shapes. Now let’s explore the logo design trends 2019 that are about to dictate the rules of branding in 2019.


1. Bright Colors in Logo Design 2019

Bright colors are definitely one of the graphic design trends that have been on the top of the charts for the last few years. Staying in the leading positions for so long, there is no way that they won’t make their impact on logo design trends 2019.

Indeed, some of the trendiest logo designs of 2019 will be vibrant combinations of bright colors that make a firm statement.

Bright colors can be easily adapted to different kinds of brands. The best thing is, bright colors enhance the emotions the logo conveys. Often combined with other trends, bright colors are definitely going to be one of the emblematic logo design trends 2019.

While businesses usually prefer flat logos, colorful 3D logos will also be a thing in 2019. So, if you really want to step up your game, here is an idea you could use.

2. Gradients in Logo Design 2019

Remember when Instagram changed their logo two years ago and everyone was like… Really? A simple old-school gradient?

Well, it turned out Instagram were real trendsetters because ever since the web got flooded with gradients. Now, everybody is loving them (we know, you secretly do, too). Gradients have really proved as a steady graphic trend for the last couple of years. It’s no wonder that they have made their way to logo design, as well.

3. Metallic Logo Designs

Metallic looks are not new to logo design but in 2019 they will really be on the pedestal. And now, they are not exclusively reserved for jewelry brands if this has been on your mind.

Metallic logo designs are often associated with high-class but they have even a more powerful quality. The shiny metal effect can make even a simple design stand out… And pretty much, this is what a brand wants from a logo.

4. Geometric Logo Designs

Geometry and logos are a match in heaven when it comes to logo design. In 2019, this will not be an exception. How so? Logos are meant to be symbolic, and in geometry, each shape has a meaning. For example, a circle means eternity and completeness. A square conveys stability, and so on.

5. Minimalist Logo Designs

Minimalism has been a pretty steady trend for the last few years, as it makes the logo look clean and simplistic but still impressive. Many businesses prefer minimalist logo designs because they look good in small and big sizes. Moreover, such simplistic logos go well with all kinds of marketing materials and brand designs

6. Minimalist Typography Logos

In 2019, we will keep seeing minimalist logos, whether geometric or illustrative, black and white or colorful.

The minimalist logo style will be often translated into minimalist typography. Creative minimalist typography logos are made by using just a letter or two of the brand’s name.

The minimalist typography logos may be accompanied by the full brand name on some marketing materials like business cards, brochures, billboards… or used solely.

7. Creative Logotypes

Creative logotypes will inevitably be among logo design trends 2019, whether accompanied by a logomark or not. Usually, this would include the full brand name written in a specific creative, unique and recognizable way

8. Illustration as Letter Substitutes in Logotypes

Creative logotypes often include an illustration to replace a part of the word. This, in most cases, would be a letter or two. Of course, the illustration replacing the letters needs to remind about the letter itself and still be meaningful. Here are a few creative examples of illustrations in logotypes.

9. Artistic Logo Designs

The dream of an artist is to receive a project for a logo in which they can express their artistic soul. Luckily, artistic logos and logo illustrations will be among logo design trends 2019.

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