Importance of Branding

Interview About Branding and Logo Design


The Importance of Branding

I was recently invited on a talk show program called 411 Marketing Solutions by Janet Kunst. It was about the importance of Branding and I hope you like it and learn something. We talked about how I do a design and my philosophy on designing. What is important in branding and Logo design is discussed as well. I think form the Interview you get a real feel for me and my company and how I approach the world really. Color is an issue and color alone can dictate a design. Its also important that when working with a designer that they are asking you the right questions. Not the obvious, “What’s the name of the company and a tag line.” but what about your business. They should have you telling them about what makes you different.

What bout if your company needs a symbol or just designing a outstanding font? These area all questions and conversations you need to have to come to a true idea of what is needed in Branding and Design. Branding in this day and age needs to be fluid in design. What I mean by that is that you can’t just have one static logo and that goes on everything and no changes are made. With the Internet and Digital billboards your Logo needs to work on Horizontal and Vertical formats. If you have multiple areas of the business your logo needs to stand out on that part of the business and yet still convey the original Logo within it. Again conversations to have with your designers.

It’s Not Just About a Logo

Its not just for Logo design but in all marketing materials. Also when marketing is login on all your marketing should look cohesive and that it all comes form the same company or person. If you use different people to design a logo then someone else to do business cards then another to handle web it can start to look like it came form three separate companies. Because like most designer they have a nitch or a way they design and that shows.

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Logo Design, Branding, Identity
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Logo Design, Branding, Identity
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