5 Key Elements to Make Your Trade Show Graphics Rock


So it’s time to get ready for your next expo or trade show.  You want to make sure that your booth is the buzz of the show (in a good way!).  How do you make sure that your trade show graphics convey your message in an easy, but impactful way?  Here are the 5 essential components to creating a successful, visually pleasing exhibit:

  1. Choose your graphic images carefully. In today’s world, we are bombarded with so many visual images that in many cases the actual message is lost.  As you create your trade show graphics and other collateral, consider keeping your images clean and simple.  Remember…a picture is worth a thousand words.  Use just a few images to tell your story.  The result will be less confusing and have more impact on your visitors.
  2. Use the Rule Of 7 for your headlines. Research shows that we don’t read all the words on signs – in fact, the average person only “sees” about 7 words on a sign.  With that in mind, keep the headlines on your trade show graphics and signage short, sweet and to the point.  Choose your wording carefully – each word has to pack a punch!  Keeping your message to 7 words or less also allows you to use a larger font, which will help attract your audience’s attention much quicker than if you were more verbose.  And speaking of fonts, choose a simple, font that is easy to read.  Simple, bold graphics on all of your trade show collateral will go a long way to making your booth successful.
  3. Keep other text to a minimum. No one wants to read novels when they are at a trade show, so any descriptive text on your banners, handouts or other collateral should be kept to a minimum.  Consider using bullet points to convey your message.  Also, don’t get too technical in your language.  Remember, not everyone at the show may be up to speed on technical jargon (and especially acronyms!).
  4. Make your company name stand out. The reason you are at the trade show or expo is to promote your company, so make sure you take full advantage of your company name!  Include it (and your logo) on all banners and other collateral.  A good place to put it is at the top of all your signage – that’s really where people will be looking for it.
  5. Don’t forget your address (your online address, that is!). Make sure attendees know where to find you online by including not only your website but also the links to all your social media profiles throughout your booth.  That way, if they don’t have time to stop by to talk – or they have additional questions –  they’ll at least know where to go for more information once they get back to their offices.

When you go to your next trade show or expo, take a look around.  Most likely, the more successful booths are the ones that have incorporated these key elements into the trade show marketing and graphics strategy.

Remember:  First impressions are important.  When it comes to trade shows, your graphic displays are key to making that great impression.

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